XR solutions and services to suit your needs

If you’re looking for the Luminous team to create your XR training content, you’re a Unity developer looking for tools to speed up high-quality XR content development or you just want to familiarise yourself with how XR works, we have a range of solutions and services.

Bespoke XR training modules created by Luminous XR

For businesses who require bespoke XR training course content to suit their specific training needs and environments.

Whether you’re an organization just starting out on your XR training journey and need the core foundations for VR training or you’re a global organisation looking to scale your learning and development programme and access in-depth trainee data, Luminous are here to help.

With over 10 years’ experience creating XR content for global clients and a talented team of Unity Developers, 3D Artists and UX designers, we’re here to help you bring your environments to life virtually, so you can deliver impactful immersive learning and get real-world results. Our content is designed and developed to the highest standards for effective learning and development.

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There are two costs associated with creating bespoke XR training content:

1. Bespoke Content Development: This involves requirements gathering for your particular training modules and procedures, art and environment 3D modelling and module development and testing. This is calculated on an individual basis per customer due to due to the differences in environment, machinery, tools and procedures. Development costs for a particular module are a one-off cost.

2. Module Hosting: The cost to host your XR content and access classes through the learning management system PORTAL is calculated on whether you opt for Luminous Foundation or Luminous Enhanced. This is an annual cost, per module.

The difference between Luminous Foundation and Luminous Enhanced, explained:

In every organisation, the training requirements and what teams want to get out of their training will be different, which is why we’ve created two different types of training modules to fit different needs and budgets. As a developer, your clients can have a mix of foundation and enhanced modules depending on their requirements.


Luminous Foundation £190 / $240 per module, per year

Luminous Enhanced £500 / $635 per module, per year

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