XR solutions and services to suit your needs

If you’re looking for the Luminous team to create your XR training content, you’re a Unity developer looking for tools to speed up high-quality XR content development or you just want to familiarise yourself with how XR works, we have a range of solutions and services.

Luminous XR Workshop

New to the world of XR and still getting to grips on the different terminology, technology and curious to learn about the potential return on investment? There’s a lot to consider when thinking about implementing XR training across your business.

We work closely with our customers to navigate them through XR implementation, providing them with our tried and tested learning methods and road map to make the process as seamless as possible so that they can reap all the rewards and successes that come with XR training.

The Luminous XR Envisioning Workshop is the perfect solution for those looking to test out XR technology before diving right in. In the workshop, we will host a two day interactive experience where we provide you with a clearly defined scenario to trial across the business and teaches you everything you need to know about implementing an XR/VR training programme.

Who is the XR Envisioning Workshop for?

Decision makers, trainers and technical managers looking to deploy XR that transforms learning and development. Ideally, we host the workshop between 5-10 key stakeholders within the business.

  • The benefits of XR/VR for learning and development
  • The skills to begin creating scopes of work
  • Understanding the costs and requirements associated with XR content creation
  • The ROI of XR training
  • A clearly defined road map to test, deploy and then scale up XR in your organisation
  • Discount of your XR Training Scenarios if you continue the process with Luminous


£4950/ $6300 for the full workshop (excluding travel costs). This cost is deducted from your final XR training scenario cost if you continue the process with Luminous.

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