XR solutions and services to suit your needs

If you’re looking for the Luminous team to create your XR training content, you’re a Unity developer looking for tools to speed up high-quality XR content development or you just want to familiarise yourself with how XR works, we have a range of solutions and services.

XR Content Creation Tools

For unity developers who want to develop high-quality VR training content.


For unity developers who want to create, share and sell content on the Luminous Marketplace or provide a proof of concept to potential customers.

  • Access to all of FLOW’s XR content creation features for free
  • A basic Luminous branded demo PORTAL to test multiuser capabilities and content

Cost: Free

Signing up as a creator and developing VR training content is free, however if you wish to create and publish content to be used by clients you’ll need to sign up as a developer.

As a creator you can share and sell VR training content on the Luminous Marketplace. Once content has been created it is reviewed to meet our design standards and then published to our marketplace where we take a 20% cut of sales, then the rest is yours.

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For unity developers and studios who want to create XR training content for their own clients.

  • Access to all of FLOW’s XR content creation features for free
  • The ability to create branded PORTALs with your own tenants for yourself and your clients


Developer Instance cost: £1,450 / $1,820 per tenant, per year

Customer Instance Cost: £1000 / $1,270 per tenant per year

Module hosting: £190 / $240 per module per year for Luminous Foundation OR £500 / $635 per module, per year for Luminous Enhanced

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The difference between Luminous Foundation and Luminous Enhanced, explained:

In every organisation, the training requirements and what teams want to get out of their training will be different, which is why we’ve created two different types of training modules to fit different needs and budgets. As a developer, your clients can have a mix of foundation and enhanced modules depending on their requirements.


Luminous Foundation £190 / $240 per module, per year

Luminous Enhanced £500 / $635 per module, per year

Assisted Learning
Practice Mode
Assessment Mode
Trainer / Trainee Dashboard
Basic Analytics
Advanced Analytics
Skipping Steps
Desktop Interactions
Data Export
Branded Portal