A talented team, powering the future of immersive learning.

Microsoft Mixed Reality Partner

A great company is made up of great people. 

Here at Luminous, we’re a well-rounded bunch of talented and passionate individuals who care deeply about the future of immersive learning and the impact it can have on businesses.

Innovation powers everything we do at Luminous. When we began, we specialised in 3D mapping and digitizing complex environments in the energy and construction sector, aware of the value of visualising real-world locations.

We then began investigating new ways to utilise these 3D models and how they can bring benefits to businesses. The result? Take the 3D models into a real-time games engine environment, where businesses can enter virtual versions of their facilities in real time. This coupled with emerging virtual reality headsets opened a whole new world of opportunities for us.

Rapid expansion meant the team grew to include Unity Developers, 3D Artists and UX Designers to start creating engaging, immersive VR apps to enhance operations, training, and maintenance procedures for global brands.

Now Luminous provides bespoke XR content creation for large enterprises and educational institutions, as well as our self-service tools that provide those passionate about creating XR training content for brands with the tools to make, manage and monetise their own content.


Our Mission

Now we’re on a mission to transform the way hard skills are created and learned for high-risk, practical industries. We’re committed to enhancing safety and efficiency while championing businesses to embrace a culture of continuous learning and development. Through our innovative Luminous XR platform we equip creators, developers, and enterprises with the tools to create, manage, and distribute unparalleled virtual training experiences.

Build training modules. Onboard employees. Share your course worldwide. Improve workforce skills. Build, utilise and grow your XR training content using Luminous – we provide you with all the tools, so XR content creation can be made simple.

virtual reality games developers creating xr training content with flow

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the global leader in transformative virtual training, we see a world where companies seamlessly integrate end-to-end immersive learning into their core practices and choose us, Luminous XR, as the go-to SaaS platform to do so. We aspire to redefine the standard for hard skills training by fostering innovation, collaboration, and excellence.

We want to be the catalyst for a future where companies can easily create and manage their virtual training courses, that not only elevate skills but also reshape the landscape of immersive learning and development.

black HoloLens headset for mixed reality