four virtual reality characters hosting an envisioning workshop with a virtual whiteboard and sticky notes

Explore how XR can work for your business with a Luminous Envisioning Workshop.

Sometimes it’s hard to know where to start when looking to take advantage of a new technology and how to deal with the associated risks and challenges.

Extended Reality (XR) and spatial computing are creating a paradigm shift in the way we work, train and learn, taking us from the confines of 2D screens and allowing us to enter the world of 3D and immersive spaces.


virtual reality characters hosting an envisioning workshop with a whiteboard sticky notes and vr headsets

So where do you begin when implementing XR across your business?

There’s a lot to consider when thinking about implementing XR training across your business.

At Luminous we work closely with our customers to navigate them through XR implementation, providing them with our tried and tested method and road map to make the process as seamless as possible, so that they can reap all the rewards and successes that come with XR technology.

VR training in practice.

The Luminous XR Envisioning Workshop is the perfect solution for those looking to test out XR technology before diving right in. The workshop provides you with an interactive 2 Day experience that results in a clearly defined scenario to trial across the business and teaches you everything you need to know about implementing an XR/VR training programme:

  • The benefits of XR/VR for learning and development
  • The skills to begin creating scopes of work
  • Understanding the costs and requirements associated with XR content creation
  • The ROI of XR
  • A clearly defined road map to test, deploy and then scale up XR in your organisation
  • Here’s a full breakdown of what you can expect from a Luminous Envisioning:

Here’s a full breakdown of what you can expect from a Luminous Envisioning Workshop

The Luminous XR workshop gives attendees a comprehensive overview of the latest XR technology and when and how to use them. By the end of the workshop, we’ll have worked with you to identify a clear use case for XR within the business that will benefit your teams and the business, as well as understand the requirements to scope and successfully deliver a pilot project.

Who’s it for?

Decision makers, trainers and technical managers looking to deploy XR that transforms learning and development.

  • 5-10 people per group 

Workshop Agenda

Day 1 – AM

  • Introduction to Luminous
  • Understanding XR technologies & devices
  • The differences between Virtual and mixed reality
  • Demos of XR applications
  • Exploring use Cases, applications & benefits

Day 1 – PM

  • Envisioning session begins
  • Group ideation of your ideal scenario
  • XR scenario deep dive & grouping
  • XR scenario evaluation and selection
  • FAQs

Day 2 – AM

  • How to perform requirements gathering for XR
  • Deconstructing XR application example
  • How to develop a scope of work

Day 2 – PM

  • Identify project goals & the potential ROI
  • Refine scenario requirements.
  • Review technical / IT requirements.
  • Create a pilot road map
  • FAQs

Workshop Benefits


Educate attendees on all things XR and the latest technologies in spatial computing


De-risk and eliminate uncertainty surrounding XR training implementation


Create a clear plan for roll out & maximise your ROI

Roadmap Infographic


wooden table with employees working on brainstorming with sticky notes large sheets of paper and coffee

What will you get from a Luminous Envisioning Session?

At the end of the workshop, we’ll give you a range of resources to keep that will aid you on your XR implementation journey, including:

  • An XR scoping playbook
  • An overview of  the business case and proposed solution
  • A projected roadmap for implementation
  • Key project scope foundations – initial requirements
  • An estimated projected budget
  • Report of detailed findings from the workshop

COST: £4950  (Excluding travel cost)