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Bespoke VR content to transform your training

Your world made virtual, your training made memorable. Discover how highly bespoke VR training content can deliver real-world success.

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Virtual Training Content that Replicates Real World Experience

From employee to expert, give employees the hands on experience needed to build skills through VR training.

We’ve helped our customers reduce errors to zero, improve engagement by up to 90% and an 80% reduction in training time.

The Luminous team have spent the last 5 years creating bespoke VR training content for global brands that transforms the way employees engage with linear, hard skills training in virtual and mixed reality.

Our talented team of developers, artists and designers use our content authoring tool, FLOW for Unity to easily develop highly realistic, high quality, complex training content at speed to suit your exact training requirements.

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Reduces workplace injury by 43%

VR Connected

VR learners 3.75x more emotionally connected

Cost Saving

30-70% reduction in training costs

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From Development to Deployment at Scale, with PORTAL

Once your training scenarios are ready to be used, they’re hosted through PORTAL, our intuitive learning management system.

PORTAL is the ultimate all in one learning platform, giving you complete control over the management of your training scenarios and students, in addition to in-depth analytics into trainee progress.

An XR-Lite scenario will only have basic feature to create users. XR-Core scenarios will benefit from the full Portal features.


Virtual trainee checking a liquid sample in virtual reality

XR-Core Package

For companies wanting to get started with XR training but with a limited budget or looking to run a pilot project we recommend our XR-Core package.

XR Core is a cut down version of the platform in just one mode:

  • Single Player / Assisted Learning Mode

Content created with  XR-Lite mode are approximated 2/3rds quicker and cheaper to create than XR-Core.

XR lite is perfect for companies looking to run a pilot project or trial the technology but with a bespoke scenario. Content created for XR-Lite can always be upgraded to the full Flow features in the future.

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XR-Elite Package

XR Elite is our fully featured solution for Enterprise customers. This is for customers who have proved the business case and ROI of immersive learning and are looking to scale up their XR training with a tried and tested model and the advanced features required by global companies.

  • Multi-User
  • Assisted Learning
  • Practice Mode
  • Assessment Mode
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XR Envisioning Workshop

Our VR workshop is the perfect place to start if you’re entering the world of VR training and looking into running a pilot project.

We offer a two day workshop where your goals and objectives for implementing VR training are discussed, what that could look like for your business with a plan for a bespoke scenario and roadmap for delivery and future development provided at the end of the workshop.



Capturing Requirements

We get to the root of your training needs so we can can create life-like scenarios.

Once the key training scenarios have been identified, we work side-by-side with your subject matter experts to document processes as they’re done in the real world.

We capture videos, review process documents and take laser scans of your real environment if necessary. We work with your SMEs to define learning outcomes and goals and make sure that the XR content we develop meets these criteria.

XR training scenarios are made up of modules, Luminous will then identify all the steps required to carry out the procedure in granular detail per module. We limit modules to 50 steps. 50 steps equates to around 15 minutes in VR which is the recommended learning time for users per module.

  • Document all individual steps in the process.

    1. Document all individual steps in the process.

  • Convert the steps into a user flow showing UI (User Interface) Panels and gameactions.

    2. Convert the steps into a user flow showing UI (User Interface) Panels and gameactions.

  • Create storyboards of the process and the different interaction that may be required.

    3. Create storyboards of theprocess and the differentinteraction that may berequired.

XR Content Creation Pricing

Pricing for bespoke XR content development is made up of three elements:

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3D Models, Assets & Environments

This is a fixed cost based on the complexity of the environment required. Our artists can use existing assets, reference material or even come to site and scan real-world environments.

Learn About 3D Scanning

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XR Content Development

Development pricing is based on the complexity of the training modules in a scenario. We would break each module down into the number of steps that a trainee has to carry out. The price is then based on the number of steps required in each module.

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Portal Licensing

Luminous operate a transparent pricing structure for content hosted on the Luminous platform with a fixed annual fee per scenario, with unlimited users.

Enterprise Pricing