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Exploratory training.

Exploratory Training

In Exploratory Training, the boundaries between learner and content blur as users engage with subjects in a way that goes beyond textbooks and static presentations. Dive deep into immersive training environments that bring education to life. Users can explore & familiarize themselves with complex equipment & areas that they would otherwise not have access to, allowing them to learn at their own pace.

Hazard recognition.

Hazard Recognition

Immerse yourself in a learning experience where theory meets reality and potential risks are identified and addressed in a virtual environment. You could be placed in the heart of a bustling construction site, a fast-paced workshop, or a High Voltage Substation. Your mission? Spot the hazards before they become a threat.

Linear technical training.

Linear Technical Training

Our Linear Technical Training in Virtual Reality (VR) takes you on a guided journey through the intricacies of complex subjects, providing a seamless and progressive learning experience that empowers you with practical skills and knowledge. Different game modes enable you to teach, practice and assess users through the experience.



Technical problem-solving meets innovation. Our Virtual Reality (VR) Troubleshooting modules transport you into a realm of hands-on experiences, providing a groundbreaking approach to mastering the art of resolving complex issues. Examine equipment from every angle, identify the problems and how to fix them.

Virtual meetings.

Virtual Meetings

Virtual Meetings are here to redefine the way we collaborate. Elevate your communication experience as you enter a space where meetings become immersive, interactive, and truly unforgettable. A three-dimensional meeting space that mirrors the real-world dynamics of face-to-face interactions. Engage with colleagues, clients, or collaborators in a virtual reality environment that transcends traditional video conferencing.

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