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FLOW, the Unity visual scripting tool that makes it easy for anyone to create XR training content by simply dragging and dropping content.

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flow for unity virtual reality content creation interface

A Visual scripting tool for Unity

Creating training content shouldn’t be difficult. That’s why we’ve created FLOW.

Unity users can easily build intricate XR and VR training scenarios without coding experience, and benefit from many advanced features.

Complex scenario building just became easy.

a step created with flow for unity showing how to collect a hydrocarbon gas sample

Create with Drag & Drop

Flow is changing the way people create XR training content. Now, the focus is on building high-quality, impactful virtual reality training content.

All you need to do is drag and drop nodes to create steps and assign actions from our library of interaction and sample templates.

assisted learning, practice and assessment mode in the luminous PORTAL interface

3 Core Virtual Training Modes

Luminous XR offers 3 core pillars of learning: Assisted Learning, Practice Mode & Assessment.

Every VR training module built with FLOW comes with these three pillars to ensure impactful and thorough learning.

vr female character experiencing guided learning in an industrial work environment

Assisted Learning

Assisted learning ensures thorough knowledge of procedures by taking users step-by-step through virtual reality training with visual cues, arrows, highlights, audio narrative and more.

vr female character working through a warehouse environment in practice mode

Practice Mode

Practice mode is where the effects of immersive training kick in. All guidance is turned off and user must recall their knowledge of the process.

If users perform a step incorrectly? They must repeat and try again.

fail pop up screen where a vr trainee is being told that they have failed the assessment in a virtual reality warehouse environment

Assessment Mode

The ultimate test. Users must carry out the entire procedure correctly to complete the VR training, ensuring users have full knowledge of a sequence. Failure points are easily created in the FLOW tool.

multiple virtual reality trainees in the luminous lobby ready to enter a training module

Multiuser Learning

Where the classroom meets virtual reality learning. All content created with FLOW can be run in multiuser mode on both VR & Desktop. This is where teachers and students can come together with a range of advanced features for managing sessions.

Download our templated lobby environments or craft your own.

VR pop up screen showcasing the multiple languages supported in the luminous learning management system


Need virtual reality training content in multiple languages? Our graph system supports localization and can be easily converted into any language.

luminous virtual reality step interaction library

Unity Templates & Prefabs

Want to get started quickly? We have a range of templates so you can start creating, as well as an interaction library that can be extended with custom actions if required.

luminous virtual reality 3d assets for a workshop environment

3D asset packs, environments & avatars

Sign up to flow as an enterprise customer and get access to our Industrial 3D asset packs, environments and avatars for quick modular creation of scenes.

three webpages of luminous flow design best practice documentation

Design standards & support documents

We work to detailed design standards when developing XR training content based on our work with some of the world’s largest companies.

Access our best practice resources for free to ensure you’re creating high-quality solutions.

user perspective of disassembling a gate valve in mixed reality opening the isolation valve with instructions

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Not familiar with Unity? Learn the basics by exploring their website.

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Impactful Virtual Training with Luminous

Ready to get started? The Luminous Platform comes with a range of prebuilt templates making it easy for you to build different virtual training scenarios to suit your needs.

Trouble Shooting Scenarios More
Linear technical training.
Linear Technical Training More
Hazard recognition.
Hazard Recognition Scenarios More
Exploratory training.
Exploratory Training More
Virtual meetings.
Virtual Meetings More

Get started with our free support documents and design resources

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