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A dedicated marketplace for high-quality VR training content


Know exactly what training modules you’re looking for? Browse the Luminous Marketplace, where you can find training content that meets our design standards to ensure trainees learn effectively and take their knowledge confidently into the real world. Simply download and load straight onto your headset.

If you have Unity development experience, why not create your own immersive training content with FLOW and share and sell your creations through our marketplace.

Try our off the shelf content.

virtual reality hazard recognition environment highlighting fire hazards

Hazard Recognition

Ensure employees are knowledgeable, alert, and able to identify hazards with our VR hazard recognition course.


virtual reality safety skills environment highlighting safety screen and pump

VR Safety Skills

Make safety a priority with our engaging VR safety skills course.


Experience Mixed Reality on Meta Quest 3 or HTC

Mixed Reality seamlessly combines the real world with virtual elements for a unique training experience. The latest headsets from Meta & HTC now support mixed reality with full-colour-pass through. Try out our demo mixed reality gate valve training scenario built with FLOW.

Download our Sample Mixed Reality Demo: Gate Valve Training

Valve Mixed Reality

Meta logo.

Gate Valve Mixed Reality Demo


Quest 3 Download

Valve Mixed Reality


Gate Valve Mixed Reality Demo


Vive Elite Download

Which solution is right for you?

Luminous offer a fair and transparent pricing structure based on a flat annual subscription per module hosted on the platform, with unlimited users.