Kaefer Virtual Induction Training

Kaefer Virtual Induction Training

Case study of how we transformed inductions with XR and the new Luminous platform for Kaefer. Learn how we built new versions of their training content.

Kaefer XR training intiative.

The Luminous Group have been working with Kaefer for a number of years on various XR training initiatives. The latest chapter of this was to build a new versions of their training content that would be supported on the new Luminous XR platform.

The luminous platform has evolved significantly over the last 18 months with a whole host of upgrades. Pivotal to this was the move to Azure for our front end portal. Microsoft  Azure is one of the worlds leading cloud computing services and provides the security and functionality required for scaling enterprise solutions.

As well as moving to the cloud, the system supports mobile self-contained VR headsets with real time tracking of user progression as they carry out a virtual induction session

Kaefer XR training.

Kaefer now have a range of virtual inductions that cover everything from, PPE, working at height, hot work high and low energy, safe work permit procedures and line and equipment scenarios.

Luminous worked closely with Kaefer’s subject matter and safety specialists to make sure the bespoke scenarios where perfectly aligned with there inhouse processes. The results are a range of engaging induction modules which have been extremely well received by staff and contractors alike and have delivered significant improvement in safety levels and engagement.

The Luminous platform utilise 3 core modes to reinforce learning. These included guided learning, the equivalent to one-to-one mentoring. Practice mode where the user is not guided and must recall the information they have learning and finally assessment which needs to be successfully completed before being allowed onto the site.