Middlesex Aerospace – 3D Factory Planning

Middlesex Aerospace – 3D Factory Planning

Read our case study on 3D factory planning. We built Middlesex Aerospace an interactive virtual 3D model of their factory for real-time virtual tours.

Factory 3D laser scan

Factory planning, virtual tours and interactive visualisations

Back in 2021 the Luminous Group where approached by Middlesex Aerospace to see if we could help create an interactive virtual tour utilising a 3D model of their factory.

The factory was going through an upgrade and they wanted to showcase what the new design and layout would look like in a very engaging and immersive way.

3D scanning for use in VR.

Using the point cloud as a reference the Luminous art team modelled out all the structure in the building in 3D.

The team primarily use 3DSM to create the models and substance painter to then add textures. Once the structure was modelled this was followed by the key equipment and ancillary items.

All assets were optimised for mobile VR with high and low poly versions generated. The team aimed to match the visual look and feel of the site as accurately as possible.

As well as the full VR version a desktop edition was also created.