virtual reality warehouse environment with palettes shelves and carboard boxes

Hazard Recognition VR Training

Many workplace safety incidents can be prevented, and employees believe that improving safety training is the most effective way to make them feel like safety is a top priority and feel prepared to navigate a crisis at work.

VR training is one of the most effective learning methods.

Identifying hazards properly is the make or break for the safety of your employees in workplace environments and VR allows trainees to experience these situations like they would in real-life, but in a risk-free environment.

By learning through doing, VR improves muscle memory, creating truly memorable experiences and transforming safety training. Our customers have experienced:

  • An 80% reduction in training time
  • Errors reduced to zero
  • A 90% improvement in engagement

Our off-the-shelf VR hazard recognition app is ready to use right away, so your employees can begin effectively recognizing and preventing hazards. The app is currently made up of 4 key modules, which we will continually expand and update:

virtual reality trainer and trainee in the luminous lobby

VR Induction & Lobby:

For users new to VR start with orientation mode where our friendly Lumi Bot will guide you through how to use the controllers and interact with the different types of equipment and tools for the training. Play our Lobby games to help familiarise yourself with typical interactions and build confidence learning in VR.

Learn how to effectively identify hazards in VR across a range of environments:


Explore a warehouse environment in VR where trainees will need to watch out for moving equipment and forklifts, carry out housekeeping and identify storage hazards and ladder risks.

virtual reality substation environment


Substations can contain many electrical hazards. Trainees can sharpen their hazard recognition skills in VR by learning to spot arc hazards and familiarise themselves with hazards such as metal ladders, personal items & PPE.


Extra care needs to be taken when entering a workshop environment. There are many hazards associated with general workshop activities including welding and blasting as well as electrical and fire hazards. Identify the most common ones using VR and their corrective actions to prevent any dangers.

virtual reality construction environment

Construction Site

One of the most common sites and risks for anyone working in the industry can be found around a construction site. These include scaffolding risks, heavy equipment, lifting activities and excavation. Engaging in hands-on scenarios enables workers to navigate construction environments safely in VR.

Application Features:

All Luminous off the shelf content comes with many advanced features built in these include:

3 Core Training Modes:

Assisted learning.

Assisted Learning – Assisted learning is like having your own personal mentor. Trainees are shown the correct process guided by audio narrative, visual ques, and highlights. They can practice tasks as much as they like, building muscle memory until tasks become second nature.

Practice mode.

Practice Mode – In practice mode all guidance is turned off and the trainees must recall the full process. If users carry out a step incorrectly, they’re notified they have done it wrong or in some instances shown a consequence before being put back a step to try again. This process reinforces learning, where everything must be memorised so users can progress to the next step.

Assessment mode.

Assessment Mode – The place to put all learning and knowledge into practice. Assessment mode tests users on each procedure where they must carry out the full module correctly from memory. All assessment steps and data are logged creating a digital training record.

Multiuser Mode

Up to 10 students can simultaneously enter the virtual space. An instructor can monitor the training via our desktop app and has access to many controls to manage students, make different users active, highlighting, hiding or muting them.


Ensure everyone has access to the same training, safety skills supports 10 different languages: English Dutch French, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Spanish & Hungarian

In multiuser mode different students can activate different languages at the same time, this includes full translation of audio narrative and all user menus and buttons so users can learn wherever they are, in their strongest language.

Interactive Hand Menu:

At any point in the training a student can bring up a hand menu to see which step they are on. In assisted learning they can also jump forwards or backwards through the procedure so they can perfect specific steps.

Portal Subscription

All Luminous off the shelf training content comes with a Portal Subscription. Portal is our web based XR learning management system (LMS) where you can track and assess users progress and keep a digital training record of their accomplishments.

Portal comes with unlimited users and a host of features including, student training dashboards, class scheduling and data analytics for seamless class management.

Portal dashboard.

Luminous offer a flat annual cost to access the app with unlimited portal users.

Device installs:
Each licensed version is limited to 10 headset installs.

Optional Extras:
Our standard off the shelf package comes with our generic multiuser lobby environments, avatars and Luminous branded portal. However, these can be upgraded with fully branded versions.

Pricing: £375 p/m (Billed Annually)

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Luminous plan.


All Luminous app are optimised to work with the latest mobile VR headsets these include:

Meta Quest 2 | Meta Quest 3 | Meta Quest Pro | HTC Focus 3 | HTC Elite

HTC Focus 3 Headset
virtual reality construction environment
virtual reality substation environment
virtual reality substation corridor environment
virtual reality warehouse environment
virtual reality oil and gas workshop environment
virtual reality workshop loading bay environment