Military VR Training

Virtual Reality Training for Military, Defence & Security

Take learning to the next level and train personnel from anywhere in the world, individually or as part of a team.

Improve combat and security training through safe, repeatable, cost-effective virtual simulations.


Military VR training.

Ensure your teams can confidently use weapons, equipment and operate vehicles confidently. 

VR helps Military, Defense and Security through:

Realistic Simulations: Experience highly realistic and immersive environments with VR training. Soldiers can experience immersive training scenarios that closely resemble real-world situations, helping them develop practical skills in a controlled and safe setting.

Safe Training Environment: VR training allows soldiers to train in a safe and controlled environment. Dangerous or high-risk scenarios can be simulated without putting individuals at risk of injury – especially important for training in situations involving explosives, hazardous materials, or combat.

Military VR training.

Where can VR be implemented across the Military, Defence and Security sector?

Medical Training: Military medics need to be able to navigate extremely difficult and critical scenarios. VR medical training is essential for preparing medics for battlefield medical procedures.

Simulations can replicate scenarios where soldiers need immediate medical attention, allowing healthcare providers to practice and refine their skills in a virtual environment.

Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Training: VR safety training is utilized in EOD training to simulate each step in the identification, handling, and disposal of explosive devices. This helps bomb disposal technicians practice their skills in a safe and controlled environment and take them out into the field.

Equipment and Vehicle Simulations: Virtual reality is utilized to simulate the operation of equipment and other military vehicles. This allows crews to practice and perfect operation, manoeuvres, firing drills, and communication in a realistic virtual environment.

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Immersive training in use.

The Luminous XR Platform is an end-to-end solution for authoring, managing and deploying Immersive multiuser VR training for hundreds or even thousands of students.

Our solution is unique in that it provides a visual scripting tool (FLOW) that enables fast, efficient creation of performance based VR training content with many features. This content is then managed and delivered via our VR Platform  (PORTAL) and our single launcher application.


  • Creating VR training content
  • Managing users & classes
  • Scheduling and monitoring multiuser VR training
  • Delivering assigned content via VR/Desktop
  • Assessing students progress
  • Managing content across multiple devices
  • Capturing training analytics & reporting