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VR in the Food & Beverage Sector

Improve safety and compliance, operations and training procedures using digital twins and virtual reality.


Manufacturing in VR.

Improve staff engagement by up to 90% and reduce errors to zero with immersive training.

Food & beverage manufacturing facilities are becoming increasingly complicated and automated environments with the introduction of robotics, smart sensors and autonomous vehicles.

Keeping staff up to date with these changes and the operation of new equipment is challenging.

Luminous have extensive experience working in the food & beverage sector and provide interactive digital twins and XR Training (Extended Reality) Solutions which include virtual and mixed reality to improve operations, training and maintenance procedures.

VR training in food and beverage manufacturing.

What are the benefits of VR training in food and beverage?

Keeping production going is critical in any food and beverage factory. Delays in installing new lines and equipment can be costly.

VR in manufacturing can be used at multiple stages of a project life-cycle to ensure projects are delivered on time and efficiently.

Design Reviews in VR

Our clients are using virtual reality and our platform’s multiuser feature for VR meeting to carry out collaborative design reviews, remotely from anywhere in the world.

The Luminous platform enables complex OEM models to be uploaded and optimised for viewing. Stakeholders can then schedule a virtual meeting via the Luminous platform and log in to view in VR or desktop.

They can then review the latest equipment design changes in real-time at 1:1 scale. This allows clashes and discrepancies in the design to be identified and remedied much quicker.

VR training in food and beverage manufacturing.

Planning Green field Sites & New Line Training

Planning a new green field site or line install happens months if not years in advance. With VR you can start training your staff virtually before the facility is even built or the new line installed.

Luminous have worked with our customers and their suppliers to build up virtual representations or ‘digital twins’ of the newly designed facilities and then created structured training and equipment operations procedures. Staff can begin training months before the equipment is installed virtually, allowing for production to get up to speed much quicker with fewer errors.

Fault finding & Maintenance.

Mixed Reality using devices like the Microsoft HoloLens 2 allows operators in live environments or on the production line to bring up holographic overlays and guidance to assist with real tasks.

This might be carrying out a maintenance procedure or a task that they aren’t familiar with. If they are really stuck they can even dial in an expert for remote assistance. The Luminous XR platform supports the development of both virtual and mixed reality training content.

Level up Learning with Luminous


Multi User Experiences

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Multiple Language Support

Immersive training in use.

The Luminous XR Platform is an end-to-end solution for authoring, managing and deploying Immersive multiuser VR training for hundreds or even thousands of students.

Our solution is unique in that it provides a visual scripting tool (FLOW), allowing the fast and efficient development of feature-rich, performance-based VR training. This content is then managed and delivered via our VR Platform (PORTAL) and our single launcher application.


  • Creating VR training content
  • Managing users & classes
  • Evaluating students’ progress
  • Capturing training analytics & reporting
  • Scheduling and monitoring multiuser VR training
  • Managing content across multiple devices
  • Delivering assigned content via VR/Desktop