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VR Training for the Construction Sector

Increase engagement by 90%, reduce risk and onboard and upskill employees efficiently with VR safety training.


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VR Training to Enhance Your Health & Safety Training

The economic cost of workplace injury and ill health in the construction sector is estimated at £1.3 billion. Construction sites require increasingly stringent safety procedures and getting staff to take safety seriously is critical. 

VR training provides a way to engage staff and provide memorable training experiences that deliver results.

VR learners are 3.75x more emotionally connected to content than classroom learners sand 4x more focused than their e-learning peers. 

A common problem in current training is the infamous ‘death by PowerPoint’ where trainees tend to switch off and stop paying attention to critical safety information. Many people aren’t suited to classroom-based learning and prefer to learn by doing.

VR training enables you to train staff in a very engaging way, without any distractions, where they have to give their full attention to the task at hand.  They are required to complete it by physically carrying out the process as if they were there on-site.

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Luminous Safety Skills App

Luminous have several off the shelf VR safety apps ready to go.

One of these is our basic safety skills induction training. Learn key skills with VR safety training before going on-site in our realistic digital twin VR environment. Safety Skills covers the following modules:

  • PPE Training – Familiarise yourself with the correct PPE for different jobs before going to the site.
  • Permit Office Training – Learn the correct process for receiving a work permit before starting a job.
  • Working At Height – Working at height is common across many constructions sites. Learn the correct process and feel the consequences if not carried out correctly in this memorable experience.
  • Hot Working – Hot work processes for both high and low energy.
  • Confined Space Training – Learn how to safely enter a confined space.
  • Line & Equipment Opening – Safely perform a line and equipment opening for valves or pumps.
Safety Training

Luminous Hazard Recognition App

The Luminous Hazard Rec app is a great entry point for companies looking to harness the power of VR training for their staff.

Hazard rec puts trainees into various industrial environments and trains them on common hazards, how to spot them, and the corrective actions. From constructions sites, to warehouses, substations and workshops, explore these interactive virtual environments in full 3D.

Engage your staff and create memorable learning experiences that deliver results with our XR training.

Level up your Learning with Luminous

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Luminous XR Platform

The Luminous Platform is an end-to-end solution for creating, managing and deploying Immersive multiuser VR training for hundreds or even 1000’s of students.

Our solution is unique in that it provides a visual scripting tool (FLOW) that enables fast, efficient creation of performance-based VR training content with many features.

This content is then managed and delivered through our VR Platform  (PORTAL) and our single launcher application.


  • Developing VR training content
  • Administering users & classes
  • Scheduling and monitoring multiuser VR training
  • Delivering assigned content via VR/Desktop
  • Assessing students’ progress
  • Managing content across various devices
  • Capturing training analytics & reporting