Man in orange overalls wearing a VR headset.

Virtual Reality Health & Safety Training

Everything you need to ensure users can calmly and confidently deal with situations when they arise. Increase engagement by up to 90% and reduce risk with our Safety Skills VR Package.


VR safety skills scenario.

Train in a safe repeatable environment

The Luminous VR safety skills scenario covers key induction modules that workers require when entering industrial sites.

This includes:

  • Working at Height
  • Confined Space Training
  • Hot Work High & Low Energy
  • PPE & Work Permits
  • Line & Equipment Opening


It provides the perfect entry point for companies wanting to trial virtual reality as a new medium without investing in bespoke content.

Lock out tag out VR training.

Build skills with 3 core training modes:

GUIDED LEARNING – In this mode students are shown the correct procedure guided by audio narrative, information panels and visual cues.

PRACTICE MODE – In this mode all guidance is removed and students must recall the training, and apply it in the correct order. If a step is carried out incorrectly the student is informed and has to try again.

ASSESSMENT MODE – In this mode the student must complete the full process correctly to pass.

At any point in guided learning or practice mode the student can jump forwards or backwards through he steps. All progress is tracked in real-time via a step log on Portal.

Hardware VR

All Luminous VR content supports Open XR, a standard for modern headsets making it compatible with Quest 2, Quest 3, Quest Pro & HTC Focus 3 & HTC Elite Headset’s.

Desktop Mode:

As our content is optimised for mobile and will run on most modern PCs without any special graphical requirements.

HTC Focus 3 Headset

Level up Learning with Luminous


Multi-User As Standard



Trainee dashboards.

Trainee Dashboard

Data Analytics

Training Analytics

Desktop Mode

Desktop Mode

portal analytics

Luminous Platform

All our off the shelf content comes with a Luminous Portal subscription and unlimited users.

With Portal you can create and manage classes, track student progress and schedule multi user, practice and assessment sessions.

  • Track student progress in real-time
  • Join in VR or Desktop Mode
  • Access trainee dashboards showing progress history
  • Analytics and digital training records
  • LMS Export


  • The Safety Skills VR package starts at £9950 per year, for 10 device installs and unlimited platform users.

  • Yes, each additional device license is £250 per year.

  • Typically we allow our customers IT to provide and provision headsets however this can be provided if required.

  • We can recommend a number of different device management solutions depending on which headset you opt for.

  • On boarding and support is provided as part of the subscription costs.

  • Once registered for the demo you will be given access to download the scenario and provided with a time limited access code. You will be able to install the scenario and run it with all functionality for 30 days. If you wish to continue after this time you will need to purchase an annual subscription for £9,950 which includes up to 10 device installs + portal unlimited users.