Group of businessmen wearing VR headsets.

Proving the Value of VR

824,634 jobs have been enhanced globally through the use of VR (PwC). VR has the power to increase workforce confidence, improve skills training and generate a huge ROI. Discover how to achieve your KPIs through virtual and mixed-reality training.



The key to delivering a successful roll-out of XR training in any organisation is telling a compelling story around VR usage and clearly identifying the ROI.

Many companies make the mistake of using the technology because it’s new without a well-defined strategy.

At Luminous, we focus on identifying the business problems our customers are trying to solve with XR first. This might be reducing travel cost, environmental impact, improving safety skills, increasing engagement, training staff quicker, or reducing the load on existing trainers.

Once the aims have been defined, we help create a pilot project with clear KPIs. Typically, this would be run alongside traditional training and a value mapping exercise carried out to quantify the benefits of the technology. This allows a clear business case to be made to then scale up the roll out.

Below are some of goals we measure:


Improve employee engagement

  • Repeat usage
  • Time spent
  • Level of interaction
  • Qualitative feedback


Remove variability and improve reporting

  • Completion time
  • Hard / soft assessment
  • User performance variability
  • Data insights

Reduce Cost

Remove transport, trainer and live delivery costs

  • Return on investment
  • Remote working and assessment
  • Multiple locations

Volume / Speed

Faster time to competency and higher throughput

  • Completion time
  • Improvement rate
  • Total learners over time
  • Concurrent learners

Level up Your Learning with Luminous

Data Analytics

Data Analytics & Reporting

Trainee dashboards.

Trainee Dashboards


Multiuser Mode

Desktop Mode

VR & Desktop Modes


Multi-Language Supoort

Immersive training in use.

The Luminous Platform is an end-to-end solution for authoring, managing and deploying Immersive multiuser VR training for hundreds or even 1000’s of students.

Our solution is unique in that it provides a visual scripting tool (FLOW) that enables fast, efficient creation of performance-based VR training content with many features. This content is then managed and delivered via our VR Platform  (PORTAL) and our single launcher application.


  • Creating VR training content
  • Managing users & classes
  • Scheduling and monitoring multiuser VR training
  • Delivering assigned content via VR/Desktop
  • Assessing students’ progress
  • Managing content across multiple devices
  • Capturing training analytics & reporting