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VR for the Oil, Gas & Energy Sector

Reduce risk, improve engagement & standardise training with virtual & mixed reality.


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Train smarter with VR

The Oil, gas & energy sector often requires working in hazardous environments, maintaining critical equipment.

Training on this equipment can be challenging as they often run 24/7 and can be hard to access. VR training allows new trainees to familiarise themselves with equipment, operations and maintenance procedures in a safe, repeatable virtual environment.

This leads to tangible results, improved employee engagement, better knowledge retention and faster time to competency. When they do deploy to the real locations, they can work confidently having built up muscle memory and knowledge of the procedures in VR.

Level up learning with the Luminous Platform:

Assisted Learning

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Practice Mode

Practice Mode

Assessment Mode

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Multi-User As Standard


Multi Language Support

Desktop Mode

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Data Analytics

Data Analytics

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3D Assets & Environments for Up and Downstream Training

The Luminous team work with global oil and gas providers across both upstream and downstream to deliver technical-based training.

This means we have built an extensive library of reusable assets in our VR training programs. From vessels, pumps, compressors, stabilising columns and tanks as well as refinery environments and rigged characters to create customizable training content.

This library combined with our FLOW content authoring tool is the basis for creating intricate, immersive training scenarios.

Immersive training in use.

The Luminous Platform is an end-to-end solution for authoring, managing and deploying Immersive multiuser VR training for thousands of students.

Our solution is unique in that it provides a visual scripting tool (FLOW) that enables fast, efficient creation of performance-based VR training content with many features. This content is then overseen and delivered via our VR Platform (PORTAL) and our single launcher application.


  • Creating VR training content
  • Managing users & classes
  • Scheduling and monitoring multiuser VR training
  • Delivering assigned content via VR/Desktop
  • Assessing the progress of students
  • Managing content across numerous devices
  • Capturing training analytics & reporting


  • The easiest way to get started is to sign up for a free 30-day demo of our ‘off the shelf’ VR safety skills training scenario.

  • We recommend using all-in-one VR headsets like the HTC Focus 3 & Elite or Meta Quest 3. These range from £400 – £1000.

  • Our off-the-shelf scenarios start from £400 a month with up to 10 device installs and unlimited users.

  • Creating a bespoke pilot requires more time and investment. The Luminous team would work with you to identify a high-value use case and develop a plan to then evaluate the training and build the business case to roll it out. For bespoke projects, you do need to have a high volume of users to justify the ROI or deliver training that is very expensive or not possible to deliver traditionally. We would recommend a budget of between £50k – £100k for a full pilot project.

  • For the right scenario and application the business benefits can be huge, such as increased engagement, faster time to competency, reduced risk, standardisation and improved reporting and tracking.